Teranishi’s Commitment

  • We use “Maruya Hatcho Miso” from Aichi, the birthplace of miso, which was established in the Muromachi Period (Engen 2).
  • We use only 100% Hatcho miso, and our original blend of miso is arranged to make it easy to eat.
  • Our popular miso pork cutlet sandwich can be shipped directly from the factory under our strict hygiene control.

Hatcho Miso Oden

We use 100% Hatcho miso, blend it with sesame sugar and black mirin, and cook it for a long time to create an easy-to-eat flavor.The oden staples, egg, konnyaku, chikuwa, and black radish soaked with Hatcho miso after simmering, are also available. Also popular are taro, tsukune, pork belly, tofu that goes well with hatcho miso, and rice cakes.

Curry Kishimen

Curry is a popular menu item among people of all ages.The curry soup is blended with a healthful blend of vegetable soy milk cream and slowly simmered to create an exquisite harmony with crunchy green onions, Japanese chicken and deep-fried tofu.The curry is characterized by its creamy and mild flavor. It is popular among women and children.

Miso Kushikatsu & Miso Katsu Sandwiches

Our signature miso kushikatsu is served with 100% Hatcho miso sauce.The sweet and spicy flavor is different from that of regular Worcestershire sauce and is sure to whet your appetite.In addition to pork and beef skewers, we also offer a wide variety of items such as shrimp, scallops, and white fish, all of which are sure to please our customers.