Message from the Owner

We are “Stewed Stewed Teranishi” opened with such a thought in mind.
With this in mind, we opened “Nikomi Teranishi”.
Our lineup of dishes uses Hatcho miso, which is famous as “Nagoya meshi” (Nagoya food).
Hatcho Miso” is now well-known throughout Japan.
It is made from naturally brewed soybean miso that meets the standards set by the government and is shipped directly to our restaurant from the brewery “Maruya Hatcho Miso”.
We use healthy ingredients and seasonings even when eating out, so that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy their meals with peace of mind.

Please try our food.
It is our desire to deliver the taste of our restaurant to all over the country.

Special Message

Enjoy Nagoya’s famous Hatcho Miso Cuisine!

We love the delicious dishes made with Hatcho Miso, which is good for you. Enjoy Nagoya cuisine that you can only find here in Tokyo!
Yuma Teranishi (singer/actor)