Made from the finest quality pure Nagoya Cochin. Teranishi’s Nagoya Cochin Kamameshi is made with pure Nagoya Cochin directly from Inagaki Chicken Farm in Aichi Prefecture and cooked in our own broth. The rice is Koshihikari produced in Uonuma, Niigata. Please enjoy our carefully selected and delicious Nagoya Cochin dishes.

Take-out procedure

① Please contact us by phone (03-6453-8237) or e-mail (kazwaykaz1002@gmail.com) when you have decided to place an order.
(Business hours: between 17:00 and LO.22:30)

① Please tell us your full name and phone number. Please contact us well in advance as it takes about 30 minutes to prepare your order.
*Please allow about 30 minutes for the kamahan in particular.

Kama-meshi (rice cooked in a pot)
※It takes about 30 minutes to cook, so please order well in advance.

Nagoya Cochin Kamameshi1,800 yen
Ell Kamameshi (Rice cooked with eel)1,980 yen
Oyster kamameshi (rice cooked with oysters)1,800 yen
Gomoku-kamameshi (rice cooked with various ingredients)1,100 yen
Scallions Kamameshi (Rice cooked with scallions)1,100 yen
Sakura Shrimp Kamameshi (Rice cooked with sakura shrimps)1,100 yen
Corn and Edamame Kamameshi (Rice cooked with corn and edamame)1,200 yen

Side menu

Fried chicken750 yen
Fried egg680 yen
French fries550 yen
Edamame (soybeans)550 yen
Miso Katsu Katsu1,000 yen
Miso katsu-don:1,100 yen
Tebasaki (chicken wings)750 yen

Miso Kushikatsu
※Take-out from 3 skewers

Pork, shrimp, chicken, ham, white fish, quail, squid, beef250 yen per skewer

Additional menu items

Neapolitan1,100 yen
Ramen noodles850 yen